Welcome to Ananda Cottages


Located in the cool tranquil hills just outside the village of Ubud, the Ananda Cottages offer lovely rural view surrounded by lush, fertile rice paddies. Bali’s natural beauty remain a part at the cottage grounds.

Ubud is the perfect place for those who wish to taste the real Bali. Ubud is famous as the artistic and cultural heart of Bali. Make a visit to the art museums to see traditional and modern painting.

The Ubud people are warm and friendly and many are painters, dancers, musicians, and carvers.

The cool weather in the hills is perfect for nature walks. The nearby monkey forest has a temple in the midst of a jungle filled with swinging monkeys. Even the market place is a delightful and colorful experience with its bright and typically Balinese crafted stalls.

All this and more make Ubud one of your most memorable visits in Bali.